100 % French manufacturer
The Peacoq, high-end double foiler


Navigable in foiling mode or in displacement mode.

Peacoq’ allows to do our first flight and progress until succeeding in making very long flight phase progression is simple nevertheless learning curve is dense and exciting.

This small monohull offer various possibilities : after their first flight, users will get to know the usage of rakers which allow optimizing flight. In other words,  you can quickly take control of the boat and you can quickly increase your expertise.

The ultimate goal is to be able to lengthen flight phases against displacement phase (the boat floats) to get used to « foiling tacks » and « foiling jibe ».

Ultimately, Peacoq’ allow to deal serenely with flight learning and improv step by step to approach the Holy Grail : spend your time flying.




Public : from the age of 14 years old.
No specific foiling skills required

Fly : between 7 knots and 20 knots.

Fly height : until 50 centimeters height

double handed or solo handed
Navigable in foiling mode or in displacement mode.

Manufactured in France : in France 100 % Pays-de-la-Loire
Lengt : 4.20m
Width : 1.82m


Mainsail : 9.5m² with its deck sweeper
Option Code 0

Self-tacking jib : 3.5m²

Fitting : Harken


Appendages : Composite rudder and aluminium daggerboard
Rudder blade lift system
Daggerboard with his lift system

Self-adjusting J foils :
Folding foil system

3 foils positions :
Position parking
Position on
Position off

Weight of the boat equipped : 130 Kg

Maximum weight supported : 160 kg (2 adults)

Architect : Mmprocess


  • Code zero : 12m²

  • Launching trolley

  • Road trailer

  • Cover protection

  • Reachable only for French

  • Maintenance agreement every 2 years

  • Management, location, storage and maintenance by Foily