Foil is a revolution in the practice of sailing and we want to take part in it. There’s no way you’re going to sit on the tile! We don’t want to leave the monopoly of sensations to sportsmen, competitors, the best! We also don’t want to spend hours at the water’s edge with an instructor before we take off. Finally, if we fly on water we want to control this flight: be it natural and intuitive.
Our credo is Yes we fly! And let it fly !


Mastering a Peacoq does not require any specific foil skills. Just what’s needed in sailing. We move away from the beach with the foils raised. As with a conventional dinghy. Then, facing the wind, boat at a standstill, we deploy the foils. We’re shooting down to get some speed. We’re flying away. If the wind rises, if the sea widens or vice versa if it is the petal… We’re going up the foils and we’re going to keep

tran. Many are interested in the Peacoq to do the flight baptism. But the Peacoq doesn’t stop there. Very soon after the first flights the progression curve is exciting. It’s one thing to steal is another from Foiling Jiber, Foiling tacker, flying on loan, mastering the angles of impact … Etc.
In short, the Peacoq is a flying boat that is easy to reach but dense in terms of progression.


A self-regulated flight tanks to the lateral «L» foils

A simple interview without feelers.

Retractables foils to make it easier to launch and park.

Opportunity to navigate the tidy foils, in“Archimedia” mode

The latest generation of naval architectur by MMProcess.e signée MMProcess

Etrave in scow: The Peacoq is an incredibly stable monohull, take-off and landing are easy, it is more like a powerful dinghy with the foils raised.

Cockpit clear and open : Water does not accumulate on the boat, pleasant movement on the boat

Non-slip strips : for maximum safety and comfort.

Locally produced, the Peacoq has a hybrid rigging and a set of latest-generation sails to allow flying and sailing in a classic way.

Retractable foils that are used down or raised to allow easy handling and a safety gain for departures and arrivals on the beach.

A clean cockpit for simple maneuvers..

The hulls are flared and wide in proportion to their length to provide great lateral stability.


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