Foiling for Everyone
Simple - Stable - Stunning

« Fly with us ! »

Peacoq 14 is a dinghy designed by Raphaël Censier under the impetus of an entrepreneur, Patrick Billot. The program is simple: democratize foiling practice thanks to a playful and educational support which can be used like a classic dinghy.

Here are the key features of the boat:
  • Versatility by offering three types of navigation
  • Stable like a catamaran thanks to the hull hollow (« tunnel hull »)
  • Minimum maneuvers required to quickly apprehend the boat
  • Compact and ultra-simple foil retraction system
  • Aluminum foils in order to reduce maintenance charges

In short Peacoq 14 is really easy to control. Level 3 students (rank according to FFV) will be able to quickly fly with a progression curve that takes place in three stages:

  • Chapter 1: Navigation without foils
  • Chapter 2: Flight with two foils
  • Chapter 3: Powerful Flight with One Foil
Come try it and see for yourself!

New generation dinghy


Roundness and wideness for more security
Scow bow to facilitate take-off and landing
Drift well acting as a foot wedge
Wide and comfortable seating
Clean cockpit


Retractable system
Aluminum foils for inexpensive maintenance
Pivoting drift for greater ease


J side foils in aluminum (GOIOT SYSTEMS)
No rake and cant setting
Bearing plan


Main sail: 10 m2
Code zero: 10 m2
Jibe (option) : 5 m2


Hull length: 4.19 m    (14 feet)
Beam: 1.68 m
Hull weight : 90 Kg
Displacement (fully equipped): 140 Kg
Maximum load onboard: 200 Kg
Minimum draft: 20 cm
Maximum draft : 1,20 m
Foils : aluminium – retractable
Centerboard: rotating
Mainsail: 10 m2 with reef
Code zero: 10 m2 with furler
Jibe (option): 5 m2
peacoq 14 - visuel 3 dimensions